1. Nobody owes you anything in life, not even your family or spouse, hence appreciate everything anyone ever does for you.

2.You have no idea what people go through to do you a favor, so whether it meets your expectation or not, be grateful.

3. Don’t settle for less in life. You deserve what you think you deserve. Avoid those who try to downgrade your ambitions.

4. You always have a choice, either to build your capacity to pursue your dreams or cut down your ambition to the size of your current resources.

5. Things are hardly not as they seem to be. There is always more to it than it meets the eye.

6. Don’t waste your time with naysayers, cut them off your life, for they are diseases which can destroy your seeds of success.

7. People are always watching you from afar, they just want to be sure you know what you are doing, and that you are not fake, before they jump on board your vision. So don’t give up

8. Avoid friends and family who don’t want to pay for your services, it is an expression that they undermine what you have.

9. Sustainable success never happens by chance, you must be intentional. As for failure, it is by default, you don’t need any effort to fail.

10. Cut out useless friends from your life, they are occupying a spot which could have been filled by a more productive person.

11. Beware of free things, anything you enjoy for free, someone had to pay for it.

12.Dont be afraid to put your talent out there, you never know who and what it will attract into your life.

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