It is said that when you present a pessimist with a doughnut, the first thing he will see is the gaping hole in the doughnut!ūüėä The real deal however is what surrounds the gaping hole, the gaping hole should not stop you from enjoying the delicacy. Around every challenge you face right now,there are countlessContinue reading “HOW DO YOU SEE YOUR DOUGHNUT?”


It was one Sunday afternoon when after returning from Church, i heared Chinedu,my next door neighbor violently banging the doors to his mansion, he looked frustrated and drained after hours of this fruitless endeavor. I got curious after a while and had to sneak into Chinedu’s compound. I approached him and asked, Chinese , butContinue reading “THE KEYS & THE DOOR”

¬† Reflections: Lessons of 2016 -Part One

¬† 2016 has been a phenomenal year personally for me. A lot of doors and opportunities have come my way. Although not all things went the way I expected, overall I can say I am leaving 2016 more confident, more equipped, more exposed, and more progressive than I started it. As I reflected on theContinue reading ”¬† Reflections: Lessons of 2016 -Part One”