It was one Sunday afternoon when after returning from Church, i heared Chinedu,my next door neighbor violently banging the doors to his mansion, he looked frustrated and drained after hours of this fruitless endeavor. I got curious after a while and had to sneak into Chinedu’s compound. I approached him and asked, Chinese , but where are your keys? 
To my surprise, Chinese told me the keys are in his pocket! What!! I exclaimed! So why don’t you just open the door with the keys in your pocket? 

He sighed and replied “bros, this is my own house, I don’t see why I need keys to enter the room I built with my own hands” This answer took me aback ,I could guess instantly that all was not well with my neighbor. It took another hour of exchanges, convincing and pleas before Chinedu finally handed me his keys. I then slotted the keys into his door and ta, it opened. I later arranged for him to go see a psychiatrist because of this incident as it appeared work & marriage stress was taking a toll on him.

As you read this I guess your first reaction was ” that guy Chinedu is nuts”

But hey, don’t be too quick to judge, reflect on this in your own life:

Keys are meant to open doors, not man power, shoutings, brute force or even idle prayers.
You didn’t doubt for a second that Chinedu had his mental faculties messed up and needed immediate medical attention as you read this incident.In the same vein, God gets really surprised when we cut a frustrated pose and vent our disappointments about doors which won’t open for us, meanwhile we have not put the keys which will open the doors to use.
The keys are the talents and gifts God has deposited in each of us without fail. He expects us to hone these talents and put them to use and then the doors of our blessings will be triggered.
The good book says” A man’s gift will make room for him”

So before you accuse God of your stagnant life, look into your pockets, take out the keys and insert them into the lock of your doors and access the blessings God has already provided for you

Everything you need in life to make you fulfilled is attached to the talent God has deposited in you.

Go for that door now and make yourself comfortable in your room of blessings.

Like Chinedu, God is asking you this very moment “Where are your Keys”
God bless you.
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