The sudden demise of a good friend through a car accident years ago, got me to ask myself a whole lot of questions.
He was on his way to visit his newly born child and the wife when he met what will be his untimely death.
This brother cared so much about his family and would do everything in his power to provide the best he could for them. But the sad reality today is that He is no more”. But now that he was gone:

  1. Could the wife afford the school fees of the private school his adorable kids attended or she needs to downgrade to a public school?
  2. Can she keep up with the rent?
  3. What about the maintenance of the car?
  4. Will the utilities choke her little income ?
  5. Can she afford to take the kids to all the fun places they ‘ve become accustomed to?

The mere emotional toll the sudden lost of a loved one can have on you is phenomenal, especially your spouse, whom you envisage growing old and navigating the uncertain storms of life together.

That said it is unimaginable for the young wife to also bear all the financial burdens of the family in addition to her grief when the husband is no more.The sad reality is it happens so often.

She had to contend with the total downgrade of the quality of life just to be able to survive with the kids. It’s normally such a pathetic life that will even cause her dead husband’s corpse to cringe uncomfortably in his grave.

So as young husbands what can you do to mitigate some of these harsh realities?

Educational Policy with insurance component that takes care of your kids through tertiary education in case you are no more

Don’t start building your dream house right away, focus on securing a basic structure that can comfortably accommodate your nuclear family. I will even advise that share the plot of land with a good friend, so that you even have something left to start the building right away. After you’ve weaned yourself off rent and fully serviced your bank loans, you can now plan towards that dream mansion of yours and build at your own pace.

Invest in a personal/ life insurance package that can advance some lump some to cushion your family when you are no more. The least thing you want to do is to leave your spouse with debt from funeral expenses when you are no more

Have a will, clearly spelling out beneficiaries of whatever little assets you have acquired so far. Some external family members can get funny ideas about your property when you are no more. Make sure your nuclear family is protected with the right backings of the law.

Can you start some small business with the initial aim of getting enough proceeds to take care of home expenses?This pandemic has taught us that household essentials will always be critical. Can you get into buying and selling ?

Also are there opportunities to reduce household expenses ( especially food) by cultivating a garden? Rearing livestock? Fish farming? All these you can do profitably on a small scale .

As they say, life begins at fourty , so be determined at by the time you attain this magical number (40yrs) , which amounts to fifteen years of your working life on the average, you would have implemented the basics discussed above.

Before you start murmuring that you don’t earn enough to implement these things , just imagine the discomfort you would cause to your dear wife and those lovely angels and take the faith to start, no matter how small . You would be amazed at how quickly you will progress.

For the wives as well, don’t throw any opportunity to build wealth or financial independence because you got married. Life can be very complicated, so explore and build a business module that can help you afford the lifestyle of your dreams in the future.

We appreciate the fact that you want to look good always, but be discreet with your spending and do well to invest part of all your earnings( minimum 10%) consistently Into your future

Above all, never forget the God factor.

Stay blessed

(C)Roland Ofori( Author, Marketing Professional)

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A lady recently shared her experience with me about how her spouse had sabotaged her progress for the past fifteen years.

After secondary school, she needed to rewrite some papers. Around the same time there was a lot of tension between her parents who had separated and were undergoing a bitter divorce.

At a point she felt none of her parents cared about her.

She attended a church program and met this “wonderful“ man, who was about 10 years older than herself.
He gave her all the attention and love she had so longed for at home.
One thing led to another, a couple of visits, splashing of cash and bam, she finds herself pregnant.

The gentlemen was bent on doing the right thing so they came to see her Dad about the intention to marry her. The Dad was furious saying “ I have bigger plans for you, marrying early isn’t part of them. You’ve got to fix your grades and make it to a tertiary institution”

Our Christian sister was adamant, with the mum’s backing who was getting all kinds of “good money”anytime the daughter’s fiancée visited , they prevailed against her dad’s will , got some elders to coerce the old man to accept the marriage.

After her first birth, everything seemed well until she attempted to get into a remedial school and better her grades.

The husband, a businessman would have none of it. The few times she would defy his orders and go for the evening classes, her husband would show up and create scenes which embarrassed her greatly.

Soon, second baby arrived and then a third. At this point, the lady decided to rather build a retail business. She started one business after the other, but the husband was not supportive. He would watch her go take a loan with high interest to invest in her petty trading and watch her struggle unconcerned, though he could afford to give her that money without sweat. His point was that it wasn’t necessary and that she should focus on taking care of the children at home.

After the lack of support didn’t deter the lady, the husband employed sabotage, taking emergency soft loans and never paying or even dipping his hands in the wive’s coffers without her concern. He would then resort to abuse and threats anytime she demanded her monies back.

She later learnt from her husband’s confidant that the reason why he never supported her attempt to better herself through education or business was because he was afraid to lose her to another person if she grew in exposure and earning power. His plan was to make her totally dependent on her as long as he lives.

Fast forward today, the lady’s retail business has never taken off, still in subsistence stage.

The man’s businesses has has also significantly dwindled and is hustling just to get by, with children to take care of.

She looks back at her fifteen years later and believes she has underachieved her potential.

She said to me” I can’t believe all my intelligence and savviness has gone down the drain. As at now the only way I can pursue my dream in life is to divorce this selfish , insecure and shortsighted husband who would have none of anything called progress of his spouse, but for the sake of her children, I would still endure so that they can secure a better future”.
Her relationship with the Dad remains strained all these years, because the father still cannot believe one of his brightest kids didn’t do much with her potential.

After listening to her I concluded on the following:

  1. There is a big difference between squatters and tenants. Squatters love your incomplete version – simply because they don’t want to pay rent.
  2. Tenants however prefer your completed version and are willing to pay the full rent due you.
  3. A tenant is even willing to invest in your incomplete version for you to become complete
  4. A squatter has no such intentions. A squatter knows very well that the moment you become complete, he/ she needs to pay more rent so may resort to sabotage.
  5. When someone claims to “love you just the way you are” don’t get carried away until you are absolutely sure they are committed to “ loving who you could become”
  6. For not everyone in your life today deserves a spot in your future.
  7. If you don’t get rid of the squatters in your life today, they will get rid of your future tomorrow.

I will encourage you to take sometime today to evaluate the supposed friends and loved ones in your life to determine whether they are tenants or squatters.
Do they encourage you to be the best version of yourself or they rouse the worse in you”
Will they invest in your progress or that prefer you to be broke and dependent ?

And when you are done , you better cut all the squatters off your life before it is too late.

(C)Roland Ofori Larbi

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A story is told of a lady who booked an appointment with her doctor .
When they met she said to him” doctor, I have a wedding to attend in a week’s time and I need your help to lose 30kg before the wedding.
The doctor replied” this your ask is not possible , it will require a couple of months or years to achieve this”
The lady insisted saying “ doctor I know you to be brilliant and extraordinary. I believe there must be a way, please do something for me”. I am prepared to sacrifice anything to achieve this weight loss”

The doctor sighed and said “fine I sure can do something” The lady was ecstatic. The doctor continues, I figure that if I amputate both of your legs, you can lose the 30kg in time for your wedding. Let me know if you still want to go ahead”
His answer shocked the lady.
Disappointed she picked her bag and left the doctor’s office.

Lesson here is that in life everything worthwhile achieving takes time. Many of us want to skip the process and get the product instantly, but it doesn’t work that way.The process makes the product.

So take your time to grow in whatever endeavor you apply yourself to.

As my pastor normally says” if you seek short cuts in life, your life will be eventually cut short.

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There is an uncompleted building near my house.Every morning I see scores of able bodied young men frequenting the edifice.
They normally return from it feeling relieved after leaving their own trail of “biological matter” around the structure.
The building will likely be very magnificent when completed, but for now it is at the mercy of all kinds of miscreants.

I kept wondering, why will people take the liberty to shit at someone’s property? It dawned on me that it is simply because it was uncompleted.

To be frank the same thing happened to me when i was putting up my house. In those days i would come around only to find that my site has been at the recieivng end if open air defeacaters.

There was this one time where i was surprised to find a squatter comfortably occupying one of my rooms without permission.

But guess what, the day i completed the building and was ready to move in, none of these miscreants have ever came around to mess up in my property!

We all go through phases in life, where at a point we feel like we are attracting only the wrong people and situations into your life. We feel disrespected and not accorded what is due us. I call it the uncompleted phase
But you need not lose focus, fighting the miscreants and squatters, instead focus on building your life.

It is only a matter of time, when all will come together. And when the time comes you no longer have to fight these unwanted intruders , they will fall off before you know it.

That is when you start attracting the right people in your life.

So keep your head down, forget the naysayers . Keep building until that dream is complete.

Stay blessed and have a productive week

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Voddie Baucham: “Why I choose to believe the Bible”–Fundamental Astuteness on Christian Apologetics, parts 5 & 6 – Fundamental Astuteness

Voddie Baucham: “Why I choose to believe the Bible”–Fundamental Astuteness on Christian Apologetics, parts 5 & 6 – Fundamental Astuteness
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I visited a neighbour some months ago. He is in his sixties, whilst talking about a wide range of subjects, we veered into family life. I asked him causally “is there something feel you still don’t know about your wife after all these years?

He sighed and smiled, after some hesitation he finally found his voice and said “ yes, I would really love to know exactly what my wife has done with her money for all these 32 years of our marriage life”

He went on to say “ let me break this down to you young man” .
He married his wife in his late twenties, they happen to be around the same age, in the same profession in the civil service.

They both got steady promotions and pay rises that came with it. And both retired in the same year.
The man said, all these years, he had to fully cater for the rent, utilities, pay school fees, give chop money and start his building project, which took him 15 years to complete. He claimed that though both himself and the wife were on similar pay grade, she never contributed to any of the capital expenditures for the 32 years they have been together. He relied mostly on loans and side jobs to waver through the little accomplishment God had bestowed to him today.

So I asked him again, why don’t you just ask her now? He shook his head and said in the past he had attempted dropping hints, but the wife had skilfully avoided any indulgence in of such enquiries into her finances. The man claims he comes from a tribe that took pride in taking care of everything his family needs all by themselves as “the men of the house”

I poked him again, so will you ever ask her this question directly then? He smiled and said to me” maybe on my dying bed”

He retorted again, “young man, to be a man in Ghana is not easy oo” You get a job, start saving, then a time comes when you want to marry, You are likely to fund all the wedding cost all by yourself. You may even incur debt if not careful. Then you need to rent a bigger place to accommodate the comfort your pretty wife deserves. The landlord are callous and will demand years of advance payment.

When you barely survive it, your wife gets pregnant, the kids pop up and then you are forgotten, you feel like a stranger in your own home.

You hustle to keep the decency of the family, then there is the incessant demands form your external family.If you are wise, you will manage to build some small structure for your retirement.

Whilst you are away hustling most of the time, you get to spend less time with your kids, they are mostly with their mother. If God doesn’t help you and you commit any blunder against your wife,our African wives have the specialty of denigrating you to your kids. By the time you are old, they hardly want anything to do with you. You never get praised for all your efforts. Their mum is constantly reminding the children of all your mistakes.

So you finally go on retirement, with all the kids gone, staying alone with your wife, the kids stay more in touch with their “hero” mum.
You feel miserable and unappreciated . Maybe that’s why we die early and leave our wives.”

He chuckled and said he wished me well. I left to my house wondering what to do with the flurry of information that has just been thrown at me.

What do you think?

  1. Should African working class mothers consciously take some of the financial responsibilitiesat the home?
  2. What is the extent of transparency in finances you will commend to marriage couples?
  3. Do mothers intentionally antagonise their husbands to the kids with the aim of retaliating an offence the man has committed against them?
  4. Are fathers under appreciated in this part of the world?
  5. Are expectations on fathers too much and unrealistic?

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(c) Roland Ofori( Marketing Professional/ Author)


As a student of leadership, I always pose the question: “How do you keep yourself motivated and inspire those who look up to you during this crisis?” anytime I get the privilege to speak to business leaders from all walks of life. 

There’s been a common thread in their replies, aptly captured by one of such mentors, Mark Sandys, Global Head of Beer, Baileys & Smirnoff, Diageo “facing realities whilst giving hope”.

We are in extraordinary times, with stress and uncertainties on people and businesses never experienced nor anticipated. Most firms would hint to you that 2020 looked like their best tee ever till the pandemic forcefully halted and changed the world as we know it. We are very much aware that things will never get to “normal”, instead a “new normal” which will favor those who pay the price now to prepare for even in the midst of all this turbulence.

 I would describe leaders in this crisis period as bus drivers carrying a full load of students, caught in the midst of a terrible storm in the middle of nowhere. At the beginning of the storm, the driver instinctively parks by the roadside for conditions to subside. But after a while, when the rains and winds have subsided, he knows he can’t keep the bus parked forever. He may call for help only to be told that conditions at the other side are worse hence no immediate help available. He must move. But this is where it becomes tricky because the storm has left in its wake a thick fog which limits the driver’s ability to see his way clear. The driver is aware that it will take several days for the fog to completely clear, but he can’t wait forever with 50 kids. They will require at least food and water to survive. So, the bus driver decides to take the risk and move slowly and cautiously with the little sight of the road his eyes can afford him. He will have to frequently get down, perhaps walk a few meters ahead with his torchlight to ensure that road stretch is safe and is rid of hazards like falling trees, then hops back into the bus and drive carefully till he finds the nearest town.

 So, what does it mean to Face Reality whilst Giving Hope?


 Like the bus driver, leaders have to warm up to the fact their span of control has greatly diminished because of this crisis. They won’t be on top of issues as much as they would love to. It is okay to demonstrate vulnerability in a very authentic way to your followers without triggering fear in them. 


Leaders don’t have the crystal ball to be able to predict how things will pan out even in the next few months. But what they can do is to adopt a very agile approach in studying the sharp learning curve of this crisis and the impact on consumers, trade partners, regulatory environment, etc. and making decisions with the insights gleaned from the learning curve for the short to medium term.


There should be a lot of transparency in business leaders’ dealings with their employees. A proper understanding of the impact of the crisis on cashflows, salaries, employee retention and business sustainability, shared on a consistent basis will be vital. Leaders should clearly define the baseline that must be achieved to sustain the business, what triggers will turn the business around etc. An informed employee will be more confident both in their leaders and future possibilities.


Hope is such a potent weapon to the human will to survive. It has been in many cases been the difference between those who survive adversities like a shipwreck, prison camps, sickness, and those who don’t. 

 There are well-documented experiments like two mice put in containers of water. The conditions of the containers are the same except that one container is placed in a completely dark room, whilst the other is placed in a room with a thin gleam of light. Interestingly the mice in the environment with the thin gleam of light tend to hold on longer than their contemporaries in the dark environment. That light-triggered hope of a possible rescue.

 In the same vein employees will be more than willing to go the extra mile when they have hope of a better future when all this is over. Of course, we don’t know how long, but we are certain it will all be over, and things will get better someday. As a leader have you clearly painted a mental picture of what the future holds for your business when this crisis is over and shared with your employees?

 The Human Touch

 There is something about going the extra mile to connect with employees in times of crisis. Though you “see” them every day on those zoom calls, it is not enough. A two -minute personal phone call will do more to your employees than you could ever imagine. It even gets better when those personal calls are done at a skip level. As Maya Angelou puts it “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

Let them know you care deeply about their well being and you are in this together. Those conversations shouldn’t be done out of compulsion but genuinely (for they can smell it if you are not being real). The dividends for those personal engagements will come in handy in the future.

 The Gift of Time

 We’ve never had so much time on our hands like this before. This crisis has given us the opportunity to spend quality time with our family, look into the eyes of our loved ones, and spend time doing things we genuinely cherish. But most importantly it has given us a window to re-evaluate ourselves as individuals. How effective are you as an employee? Are your strategies robust enough? Do you have to unlearn and overcome certain self-limiting beliefs and habits? Do you have the requisite skills to remain competitive in the future? I believe leaders can put some intention behind channeling this once in a lifetime window as a capacity-building period for their employees to ensure they are more competitive and resilient as a business when this crisis is over.

 I will conclude by quoting from the good book “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us” Romans 8:18

Things will get better in the end and you will emerge stronger, make sure you have prepped your business for the future.

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(C)Roland Ofori Larbi ( Author, Marketing Professional)

SO WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO? The Nine Financial blunders Ghanaian Young Men Commit.

When a young graduate finally lands a job after university, it is such a big deal, even extended family members call to congratulate them😋

Many of these men will go on to retire to a life they didn’t really want. Why?

It emanates from a series of blunders:

  1. The Borrowed wedding:

A wedding is such a big deal in our society. The only problem is that most at times, the young man who is yet to himself financially will have to bear all the costs alone. Some can’t afford all the expenses and may be tempted to borrow some money to top up.

The wedding is done, people come and eat and drink and leave them to service their debt. The wedding gifts normally won’t bail you out😋

2. The Borrowed House

After marriage, the young man often realizes his “chamber and hall” apartment is not big enough for his bride, he needs to get a bigger space, once again he borrows some money (say from a credit union)to pay at least two years to rent advance, compounding his debt.

3. The Borrowed Car

Then comes the pregnancy and kids, the young man realizes that a car is an absolute necessity to make life easier for the family. So when he is approached by those beautiful bank ladies for a cool loan deal, he jumps at this and buys that Toyota Corolla😀. Repayment of the car loan alone can take up to 40% of his net monthly salary, whilst servicing the rent and wedding debts on the side

4. The Family Savior Wahala

The young man soon discovers that the reason for the rejoicing of the family members. It is payback time. From siblings, parents, aunties, cousins, in-laws, including the distant relative who helped you cross the village river when you were five years everyone digs in to get their share of the young man’s fortune It is normally small tokens, but when aggregated is a big deal ( about 30% of annual salary)

5. The Seed Eaters Wahala

These are family, colleagues, and friends who borrow money from the young man with no intention to pay. They come up with all those emergency stories with the promise to pay the next month. They never pay. It normally ends in tears and ruined relationships.

6. The “Big Boy” Wahala

The young man would have hopefully made strides in his career at this stage of his life, which comes with more salary, but then the extra disposable income doesn’t go into savings or investments. Seeing themselves as “big boys “ they quickly elevate their spending, renting bigger houses with spare rooms hardly utilized, get bigger cars, family holidays etc.

7. The Two Masters Wahala

At this point in the man’s life, he would have secured a piece of land and started building his dream house normally with a bank loan whilst paying those huge sums of rent to his landlord on a yearly basis. Being indebted at the same time to the bank and your landlord is like serving two masters. In my view, it is better to serve one master( the bank)

8. The Strangling Wahala

The kids are growing, and so are their fees and other upkeep. Some may be ready to go to college, but Daddy didn’t have an educational investment. He needs to dig deep to sort out the kids’ education. There is still the ever-mounting family financial pressures. At this point in the man’s life, he earns a lot but has equally neck level expenses to match it

9. Where did it All Go Stage?

At this point, the man is in his mid-fifties, May still have college responsibilities to take care of. He may be putting finishing touches to his dream house( which took decades because of its gargantuan nature. It will later dawn on him that the kids will soon leave home and the six-bedroom dream house is too big for just the wife and himself

The bells of pension begin to sound louder as the days go by, only to realize that he had worked most of his years:

  1. for the banks servicing loans, he could have avoided with a lot more prudence,
  2. For landlords, paying unreasonable rent advance year after year
  3. Family and friends with his bid to becoming a one-stop solution for all their needs

He has worked for everyone except himself, without any financial plan set out at the beginning of his career, he will be at the mercy of his employer and loved ones at the end of his career.

Many men could enjoy a fulfilled retirement, if they had actively planned, instead they prefer to flow with the tide, unfortunately, some get sunk by the tides of life.

Get a financial plan the moment you start working, allow the power of compound interest to work hard for you, and make sure you enjoy retirement.

Remember that Joseph in the Bible had only 7 years to prepare for another 7 years of drought.

Ask yourself? After working for at least 30 years, If you are to live for another 30 years after your retirement, will you live comfortably financially or be at the mercy of others?

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(C)Roland Ofori( Author, Marketing Professional)


Growing up, I noticed something very interesting:
A lot of the men in my town who were in the formal economy and could rely on monthly income, died shortly after coming to retirement, normally 3-5 years.

Many of them, would have just semi completed their building projects ( not done but still habitable)
The next thing is for them is to finally invest some of their SSNIT cash into their wive’s business( normally provision store).

Unfortunately a couple of them still pay fees of kids( normally out of wedlock)

They then suddenly die.

The superstitious inclination of the local folks triggered rumors that the poor widow, the wife “knows something about the death” because she wants the house and the petty business all for herself.
Sometimes family members would even go and enquire from the oracles what killed their man?

But come to think of it, what really killed these men?

I believe it is the “ pension shock” syndrome:

  1. A lot of these men will work for an average of 30 years in the formal sector religiously depending solely on their salaries.
  2. Personal savings and investments are very alien to them. They chop everything they earn
  3. They believe their biggest security is their children, who will come and take care of them when they are old.
  4. There is over reliance on the SSNIT pension. They believe the bulk money will take care of all their problems, including starting/completing their building project.
  5. At the peak of their career, they are so indulged in the pleasures of this life, busily funding the “side chick economy” and fathering all manner of kids outside their matrimonial homes
  6. Then the day comes, they turn 60. They receive a letter from their employers,it is time to go. Bungalows are vacated, a truck is made ready to transport them back to the destination of choice.
  7. Some move to family houses temporarily( or even permanently) , others move into their hastily and shabbily completed homes, mainly funded by the proceeds from their pension.
  8. Funny enough, they realize there was nothing lumpy about the “lump sum” SSNIT paid them. The money is all gone at this time, and are forced to solely depend on the monthly pensions, which is a pale version of what they received as working class
  9. Some attempt to farm, with no prior experience, others help casually at their wives provision shop,majority sit in their lazy couch most of the day, reading through the dailies with their radio set by them at their porch, intermittently receiving greetings from passerby’s.
  10. They spiral into bouts of depression when it dawns on them that by being old and broke ,they’ve become half ( or even less) the men they were. Majority don’t survive this mental turmoil and die before their time.

So what can we learn from our fathers?

  1. Take control of your financial independence. Invest consistently during your working life .SSNIT should not be your plan A.
  2. Little drops of money wasted today, will cost you your harvest tomorrow. Keep your focus, avoid the “side chicks” and “side kids”
  3. Don’t plan your old age around your kids, many of them may not find their feet before you die. 😋
  4. Set your spouse up early. Invest in her business when you have access to loan facilities and make sure before you go into retirement, the business is already established
  5. Complete your building many years ahead of retirement. Your pension is not meant for that.
  6. Get other source of income. You have decades of your working life to develop a sustainable side business.

Be determined to retire a rich man. After all the good book says “ the righteous man leaves an inheritance for their children’s children.

Nobody is fond of a broke pensioner . Determine not to become one, otherwise you may die before your time.😳

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I guess many of us can’t wait for things to return to normal when all this is over. I personally believe in the next couple of weeks, the virus will be contained across the world, we can walk freely on our streets  again and savor with appreciation all the good things life gave us which hitherto we took for granted.

But one thing I am certain of is that things won’t be normal as we expect it. The truth about the crisis of this magnitude is that  it rubs something off you which either makes you better or worse. The outcome is all in your hands.

A lot of the way we do things will change drastically, you will require more resilience, open-mindedness, adaptability, perseverance and focus to navigate through the interesting days ahead of you.

You may be required to change or find new a job, build new alliances, cut off certain relationships, forge new paths, take risks, start new businesses, learn entirely new skills, etc…and you must be ready when the time comes.

This period of lockdown is an amazing opportunity to reset your priorities, build on the wealth of your knowledge, revive, and renew your strength. I tell you that you will need to be stronger and wiser and more resilient if you want to live your best life after this crisis. That is why it is critical you are circumspect in how you conduct yourself in this “restrictive period”.

Don’t deplete your energy and build anxiety, giving in to all kinds of negativity because of the chaotic information you open yourself via social and traditional media this information will raise your adrenaline but will reduce your confidence and deposit a more dangerous virus in you, FEAR! 

Many of us at the moment may seem calm and confined o the comfort of our homes, but our minds are all over the place, there is no rest, we are full of anxiety, fear shakes us to the very core. If you don’t take charge now and rather focus on building a reserve of strength through useful information  and inspiration, you will come out very exasperated and not ready to face what lies ahead. As the Akan adage puts it “nea aka akyire na endoorso”  literally meaning “ what lies ahead is more daunting than what has passed”

I will, therefore, encourage you to make the best of this lockdown. Truth be told many of us will never get such period to rest, revive and take stock of your life for the remainder of our lives  here on earth. 

So make the best of it.

I will leave you with my TO DO LIST during this lockdown:

  1. Read some books( at least 3)
  2. Be a better father and husband by spending quality time with my family.
  3. Mend any broken/neglected relationship which is of value to me
  4. Reach out and help the vulnerable in my own small way
  5. Build my spirituality through consistent prayer and meditation
  6. Intercede for those affected and the health professionals at the frontline
  7. Review and refine my life goals
  8. Make progress with my next book project
  9. Exercise and eat healthy
  10. Learn a new course online

I will be glad to know your TO DO LIST. Please share

This one too shall pass

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