Young Samuel was the one who heard the call from God, but the direction on what to do had to come from the old man Eli.

The older generation will always have a divine role to play in the lives of the younger generation.

Never despise them. Honor them, serve them even if it appears you are more talented, anointed and gifted than them.

Your calling without direction is useless!

Stay blessed!




Squatters are attracted to uncompleted projects , pretending that they want to take care of it on the owners behalf, but what they are really interested in is FREE RENT. Their dark wish is for the owner not to ever progress and complete his/her project.

Have you ever come across friends and family who love you for being half baked, but will start having issues with you if you try to progress and excel in life? They are Squatters! Get rid of them before it is too late.

As long as you don’t allow yourself to grow and be perfected by the grace of God, you will only attract squatters, who will only take you for a free ride.

So GROW UP and start attracting responsible people (TENANTS) who will be willing to pay the price(RENT) for your companionship.

If you are too afraid to get rid of the squatters in your life, you will never enjoy the rental fees for your investments!

Stay blessed

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Afolabi was a construction worker, renowned for his dexterity in the use of cement, stones and sand to build the best edifices in town.

He had an enthusiastic five year old son called Ahomka. This boy enjoyed spending his past time with his daddy. He even got to follow his dad to some of the construction sites once in a while. There was one thing which continued to fascinate Ahomka, and this was cement. He was mystified about the idea that a soft mixture of water cement and sand becomes the very hard blocks used for building. He believed there was more to that than what the father keeps telling him and he vowed to himself” I will find out for myself if my dad won’t tell me the whole truth.

On one fateful afternoon, the parents had travelled to a funeral in the nearby city and left Ahomka in the care of their nanny, Auntie Joyce.

Auntie Joyce was feeling tired after all the house chores in the morning. So after feeding Ahomka his launch, she decided to take a nap at the hall with Ahomka lying by her side. Ahomka pretended to be fast asleep and waited patiently till his nanny started hitting some very powerful musical nodes with her loud snoring.

Ahomka woke up swiftly and tip toed outside the hall, straight to his father’s garage, where he had a stash of cement. He fetched a considerable amount and sneaked to the backyard of the house, where he mixed the cement with water and sand, to form a very soft unassuming concrete. Next he stuck his right hand inside and pulled it out, then his left hand, he then said to himself, alas, my dad was lying to me, the solution is still soft. He then reflected about this grand experiment and said, perhaps the concrete will remain soft as long as my hands remain it.

For he has made a great discovery and could not wait for the Father to return to share the good news with.

So Ahomka kept stirring the concrete solution in the washing basin and was happy.

As a child as he was, he soon dozed off as a result of the cool breeze courting his eyes.

After two hours he woke up to his greatest shock, indeed the concrete solution has become hard suddenly, with his right hand stuck in, he started screaming, the nanny got jolted from her sleep and rushed to the direction of the screams, and lo and behold, there sat Ahomka with his hands stuck in the big bowl of cement concrete. Just then, Ahomka’s parents also arrived home to meet the spectacle of Ahomka.

His father quickly rushed him to the hospital to get his hand removed.

By evening, Ahomka’s hands were free again, but thirty years on, he still bears the bruises of his experiment.

Many of us are like Ahomka, for some reasons we believe we are smarter than God and enjoy playing with sin, at the beginning it comes across as if you can easily get away with it, gradually we become bolder and bolder and far deep with our experimentation with sin.

Then reality dawns on us that we have all of a sudden become stuck, we have become slaves and addicts to all kinds of vices, be it corruption, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, etc.

If we are lucky, we will be set free, with all the collage of bruises and scars staying with us for the rest of our lives. The unlucky ones will get drowned in the drool of their sinful indulgence even to the point of their death.

So what can I say, never get bold with sin, it is a slippery ground and you will slip if you start getting confident about your ability to get away with sin. No you will not get away, you will surely pay for it.

So let’s be circumspect with our lives, and seek to please our maker by living a life that glorifies God.


From the desk of ROL



It was my early days as a teen in the small township of Nsawam in the Eastern Region.

My mum could barely raise my school fees let alone provide enough for food and the little luxuries school children deserve.

, but I was determined to make the best out of life. The only alternative for me to get a nice shoe( not the Odamu a ob3nyin type which is twice your foot size in order to accommodate you for the next five years!) , or the latest Casio watch or “brick game”was to save almost all my daily chop money or sometimes walk to school ( the journey was circa 14km).

I had not had the privilege of sitting in a taxi yet, and didn’t have much to say among my friends when they were sharing their taxi experience. My transportation memories were a mixed bag of tro- tro and walking.

I was determined to also have my fair share of the taxi experience, so after saving my “pocket money”for a couple of days, I had enough to jump on a taxi.

I walked past the tro tro station that fateful Monday morning, in my neatly “box iron pressed” school uniform, to the surprise of the tro tro mate, straight to the taxi rank. I made myself comfortable in the front passenger seat, my height was just enough to see beyond a few inches above the dashboard. Soon the taxi was full and we set off towards our destination.

Halfway during the journey, a huge market woman standing by the roadside with the sagging fleshy arms comparable to the width of the trunk of a mahogany tree signaled for the driver to stop. I was confused when the driver obliged, wondering where the woman was going to sit, because to the best of my knowledge, the car capacity of a maximum of five had clearly been written by the side of the the car.

I was even more scandalized when the taxi driver said in an authoritative baritone voice that “ school boy, get down and let your aunt sit at the front, so that you can sit on her laps”

I suddenly choked in my throat trying very hard not to be disrespectful , knowing very well that when I am angry, the things I say do not always complement my calm demeanor, after some few seconds, I managed to put my self together and asked him “WHY?”. The driver was taken aback by my question and replied angrily “ because she is older than you and you must learn to respect your elders” I then asked “ in that case am I going to pay for my taxi fare if I decide to sit on this woman’s laps?” . He replied “ of course you will pay the full amount!” at this point I was losing it and the admonishing of the book of Ephesians regarding respecting the elderly was almost fading in my memory”.

Anyway I managed to calm myself down and retorted “ Mr. Taxi driver, I will not sit on any person’s laps. I am paying the full amount for my seat and I will fully enjoy what I have paid for. If you still insist on picking the market woman, I am happy to get down and pick another taxi , but I won’t pay a dime ! That said I looked straight into the eyes of the taxi driver with all the nodes of frowning I could gather to express my utter disdain” . I could realize he was doing a quick mental calculation in his bully brain- he arrived at the fact that losing half of his fare won’t be a great idea, so he decided to rescind on his decision to pick the ,market woman.

With sanity resorted, he moved his gears and we continued the journey. The rest of journey was marred with his long array of nagging about how the children of nowadays do not respect and a whole lot of bull shit spewing from his uneducated mouth.

I ignored all these and had to even endure the bad mouth odor that accompanied his rants.

When we finally arrived at the station, I opened the door, got down, pulled the carefully stashed cedi notes, handed it to the driver and walked off with a swag akin to a Hollywood celebrity. Another passenger who was sitting at the back of the taxi winked at me and gave me thumbs up. She said to me” school boy, enooaaa Nono, driver Kwame y3 sisifor koraa dodo” literally meaning I am glad you stood against this cheat of a driver.

The lesson here is that in life, sometimes people will try to deny you of what is yours, even when you pay your dues in full.

Don’t allow anybody to take you for a ride.

Pay your dues and go for what is due you… unapologetically.

After all you deserve some accolades 😊😊😊😊

All the best!

From the desk of ROL



2018 is the year of the entrepreneur. It is a fast paced year laden with opportunities which require the bold and discerning to take advantage of: The following are MUST DOs for an awesome 2018.

1. TAKE RISKS. You should be bored with your routine life all these years. It is time to jump at that dream of yours and make it happen. Are you 100% guaranteed of success? Absolutely NO! , but one thing is guaranteed, you will become a better person!

2. It is the YEAR OF ACTION – Talk-less, do More. Mere talk gets nothing done. Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and show some results!

3. NO PROCRASTINATION- Tomorrow is never yours. The best time to do what you have to do is NOW!

4. MAKE MISTAKES- In fact Lots of them! You only learn and grow when you venture out of your comfort zone. It comes with lots of mistakes and ridicule, but it is worth it.

5. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with the future in mind instead of present convenience.

6. DO LESS OF SOCIAL MEDIA HYPE. Be real, there are no filters in real life, so stop showing off success which do not exist on social media and get to work on yourself.

7. FORGET THE HATERS MENTALITY My guy, most of the so called haters are imaginary and it turns out to be that most of the times, we are the greatest enemy to our own selves. Focus on fixing you and you will do well in life.

8. STOP BLAMING, it makes you LAME! Take charge of your own life and clean the mess you create. The world needs some grown men and women to run its affairs, not some spoilt irresponsible babies.

9. NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING. Focus on paying your dues on this earth and leaving your mark wherever you find yourself. Entitlement and rights without responsibilities is a complete joke.

10. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS – Your instincts are normally a reflection of future possibilities. Don’t nullify it with present realities!

11. CUT DOWN ON OPTIONS – Burn some bridges. Cut down on options. Options tend to be extra baggage that prevents us from paying the price for our dreams.

12. DON’T BE JACK OF ALL TRADES The truth is that you can’t do it all even if you have the ability to do it all. Time is not on your side. Make choices and stick with it.

13. STAY CONNECTED TO THE SOURCE OF LIFE- Don’t be Overdependent on middle men. God wants to have a personal relationship with you.

14. REMAIN POSITIVE – There will be genuine reasons to be pessimistic, but learn to ignore the noise. This may include your favorite morning talk show and some friends.

15. SPEND TIME DOING WHAT YOU ARE TRULY PASSIONATE ABOUT – Life is short, you won’t be here forever, so why don’t you invest time in the one thing that makes you unique from everybody else? Your passions!

16. LEARN TO REST – Your dreams and ambitions are useless without a sound mind and a sound health.

17. TRACK YOUR GROWTH – Document your progress consistently. Get a diary, start blogging about your experiences, joys, disappointments, etc.You will be amazed at how far you have progressed by the end of the year.

18. GET READY FOR DRAMATIC CHANGES – Do not be afraid of the unknown, rather let the unknown excite you.Changes will come thick and fast, embrace it , be resilient and make the best out of it.

Have a phenomenal 2018.




There were four young men in a far distant land in the province of India, who had a common ambition, to become millionaires.

Clueless in what to do, they decided to seek the counsel of the most powerful Guru in their province.

After several weeks of search, they finally came into contact with the Guru.

They each took turns to see the Guru.

The first person was asked, young man, what can I do for you?

He replied, I want to become a millionaire.The Guru said,” that should be an easy fix, but there is only one problem with your request. There can only be one millionaire in the entire province at a time m. Until he dies , no one else can be a millionaire” The young man’s face dropped and with sorrow said” Guru I may never become a millionaire in my life time, because the current millionaire in the province is only 32 years. I am sure he will live longer than myself because of his good living, he has access to the best food and physicians,but I don’t . That said he stormed out of the Guru’s residence and headed back to his village, ready to embrace the fact he will be poor for the rest of his life.

The second young man met the Guru the following day, he also had the same request, for which the Guru gave the same reply as the previous one.

He was pensive for a moment and then his eyes lit up. He shouted to the Guru, ” I know exactly what to do” This 32 year old millionaire is a hindrance to my dreams, I will get rid of him and then become the next millionaire in this province. His plan was to apply for a job as a cook or wine bearer for the rich man and then poison him in the process.The Guru shook his head in disbelief and wished him well in his endeavors.

The third young man also met the Guru, with the same request to become a millionaire. He had the exact answer as the previous friends. He shrugged his shoulders and replied “Que sera sera” meaning what will happen, will happen. He said if God wills, I may become a millionaire one day, maybe the young millionaire may die and it will be my turn. Let me go back and live my life and keep my fingers crossed.

Soon It was the turn of the fourth young man to meet the Guru. His request was the same as the previous three guys, and the Guru had the same answer for him. The young man sat there scratching his head for a while and then started smiling. He then said to the Guru, “if there can only be one millionaire at a time in the entire province, then make me a billionaire” The Guru was startled at the young man’s audacity and sighed. After looking down on the floor intently for over five minutes, he finally lifted his eyes, shook the the hands of the daring young man and said ” son, we have a deal, I will make you a billionaire”

He then showed the young man some ancient business secrets and instructed him on exactly what to do.

The young man left the Guru’s residence, applied all the secrets religiously and within a year, he was a billionaire. Part of the secret was for him to sell all the cattle he inherited from his deceased father , and use the proceeds to buy a piece of land in one of the hinterlands at a very cheap price. Three months after securing that land, some geologists from Britain discoverd a huge deposit of diamond in the land, enough deposits to last at least 80 years, worth hundreds of billion dollars . The mining company , whom the geologists worked for entered into a deal with the young man, paid 10 billion dollars upfront plus a 20% shares in the company. This meant he and his descendants were never going to be poor again!

Soon he was the talk of the town, appearing on Television and in all the key functions.

His three other friends could not understand the sudden turn around of his fortunes so one afternoon, they mustered courage and asked him his secret to all the wealth. He told them he owed it all to the Guru.

They were thrown into fits of rage, cursing the Guru for betraying them.

After a couple of days, the three friends took it upon themselves to visit the Guru again. The moment they saw him, heaps of accusations were thrown at the Guru incessantly for his bias towards their other friend. The Guru allowed them to rant for over two hours and then signaled them to shut up!

He then asked them calmly” for what exactly are you angry at me for?”

They replied in unison, ” for deceiving us into thinking there could only be one millionaire in the entire province at a time.How come you helped our friend to have so much wealth also”

The Guru replied” I never deceived you. There is still only one millionaire in the entire province. You guys saw that as a hinderance to your own dreams, but your friend asked for something bigger, which is to become a billionaire and that is exactly what he has become.

My job is to help you realize your dreams, not to dream for you. The three of you didn’t see any opportunity beyond the millionaire, your friend saw better.

Isn’t it amazing that the obvious is normally not seen? And you have the nerves to be angry and question my integrity?

Fear immediately fell on the three friends who saw the visible anger on the face of the Guru. They laid prostrate and begged for forgiveness. The Guru discharged them from his residence and they left disappointed in themselves for having such a short vision.

In life there is so much room at the top, you don’t have to be discouraged and give up because of someone’s success. And surely it is completely detestable to wish the predicament of a successful person so that you can have a chance.You don’t need to step on someone in order to get to the top.

The most important thing is to have a positive mental attitude, believe in your dreams and abilities and put in the work and you will become who you want to be.

Leave nothing to chance. Rise up and take your place in the corridors of greatness today!

From the desk of ROL

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Adamu was a young promising footballer who dazzled his fans with the in-depth understanding of the game.
For some reason, the coach knew Adamu needed a bit of maturity before he broke into the first team; hence he never included Adamu in his first team.

Because of Adamu’s flair with the queens’ language, Adamu became a toast of the journalist and media personalities. He will be called upon to give his opinion about how his team had played, he was always apt in criticizing the strikers in his own team and the opposition as well, and how they failed to take begging chances and kept fluffing their lines. Adamu made it to the bench of the first team finally, and continued analyzing games and winning the admiration of the media.

Soon the journalists started questioning why Adamu was never given a chance to play but always sat at the bench. The coach, Atsu, a man of considerably fewer words explained that Adamu needed some maturity before he could get his chance to move from the bench to the field. This explanation was not received well by the media and they started piling pressure on coach Atsu to give Adamu the chance to play. Finally, Adamu had his chance, his role as a co striker in the 4-4-2 formation of his team.

The first 3 matches had passed without Adamu even hitting the post once.

Everyone started getting concerned except Adamu, who believed he had the perfect explanation for his poor display. According to him, it was more because of a stiffer display from tough opposition than ineptitude from his side.

Adamu though he could always explain away his non performance. After the seventh match, he could not even boast of a single shot on target. The patience of the coach and his supposed media allies had run out. He became the mockery on the front pages of the dailies, with all kinds of caricature making fun of him.

The was even one headline which read “Adamu’s mouth can play better than his legs”

He was eventually dropped from the first team and even lost his place on the bench.

Many of us may find ourselves in situations like Adamu at one point in our lives, where we will clamor for promotion and titles when it is still not time.

We will lobby and pull strings and when finally we land the supposed role of our dreams we come to the painful realization that we are still not yet ready for that job. In essence we get promoted into incompetency.

We see the same cycle in our politics, where a party in opposition seems to have the perfect binoculars in identifying what is wrong with the ruling government. They rant about the supposed incompetence’s of their opponents and promise sound practical solutions when given the opportunity, only to start churning out excuses when they get the chance to be in government.

As a nation, we are lopsided with more critics than doers, we have experts who know all our problems, but very few who can roll up their sleeves and provide real solutions.

At the work place, subordinates chastise the “incompetence” of management on a daily basis; some even go to the extent of mounting protests and petitioning that the management be removed. The subordinates may get their wish, but will discover their lot never improved in any way.

So to conclude I will say that make sure you develop yourself, hone your skills, and get the right level of mentorships and feedback till you became ready to provide solutions.

The fact that you can identify what is wrong, does not automatically make you a better than your leaders.

Providing solutions requires a much higher level of thinking and competence than just identifying problems and making noise.

Don’t become a casualty of your own impatience. Take your time and grow.
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Johnny worked so hard , shuffling between varied menial jobs including newspaper vending, gardening, working at the pantry and anything that could make him a few cedis.
Unlike other students, he needed to fend for himself and put himself through school after the demise of his parents through a road accident at a very tender age. His uncles and aunts deemed it their birth right to shamelessly take over the hard earned property of his parents without any sense of responsibility towards the kids.
So in the end, he being the eldest of 3 siblings at the age of 13, he took over the reins of family head and leader to cater for himself and the younger siblings.

He has combined the menial jobs and his education so well that he was among the top ten students in his class.
Johnny had one desire, knowing that resources were always far and wide, to own a good shoe. He had worn all kinds of makeshift sandals, the most popular being sandals made out of car tires, thereby earning his the nickname “Iron legs”

Finally at his final grade at the junior high school, he had saved enough money to buy a good shoe for himself. His key priority with the shoe was durability, so a Clarks shoe was an obvious choice. John’ shoe size was 39, yet he chose a size 42. He had estimated that the shoe would last him at least 5 yrs.
So every morning, John will pack some rags in his oversized shoes and wear it with pride, craftily polished to reflect the rays of the sun.
Just one year down the line, John realized he no longer needed the rags to fill his shoe. His legs were growing faster than he anticipated, the hormones of teenage years were in full gear. By the second year, John’s legs had outgrown the shoes, wearing it had become very uncomfortable by the day. He took it to a cobbler to expand it, things became comfortable for a while, but his legs started to hurt just after 3 months.
He went to see the cobbler again, this time round the cobbler informed him that there was nothing he could do about it. His feet were now size 44, the beautiful Clark shoes could no longer support Johnny.
The cobbler said to Johnny, “you just have to let go this time”, Johnny with tears in his eyes replied, “but I have worked so hard just to have this shoe, I love this shoe so much, I can’t let it go”.
The cobbler replied, “it is your choice Johnny, either to cause permanent damage to your feet or bear the temporary pain of letting the shoe you love dearly go”.

As much as you feel sorry for little Johnny, many of us go through same dilemma at one point in our lives, whereby things we have worked hard for so many years no longer fits our purpose. It could be a job, relationship, marriage, business partnership, etc. We may do all we could to keep it; cry, huff, puff, throw tantrums, pray, bind demons and blame everyone else, but deep down you can hear the voice of the cobbler saying “it is time to let go”

It may have cost you so much to get this far, and the sense of wasted years and efforts will be something you will dread and will haunt you for a while, but the temporary pain you are going through cannot be compared to the permanent damage to your life if you don’t let go.

From the desk of ROL


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The mid eighties was extremely difficult period for my mum, a failing marriage stared in her face, she looked beaten down physically and psychologically, aside these she also bore the heavy scars of the trying economic challenges Ghana was facing at the time.

For her, the only way out of this ridicule was divorce, after all our elders say, “if you go and it doesn’t work out, come back home”

 By the stroke of a miracle, the family elders managed to reunite my mum and dad again, and then I was conceived, hell broke loose between my parents again and within some few months, each defaulted to their previous stance of divorce.

My mum was still young, and still had her life ahead of her; the only challenge was that she was pregnant. She knew how to take care of such “nuisance situations” so she decided to get rid of me and move on with her life. 

One evening her curiosity was drawn to a group of Pentecostals who were evangelizing on our streets, she listened to the program intently and then gave her life to Christ. That was how I missed the cruel appointment with the abortion specialist the following day.

My mum was now saved and with a renewed sense of hope she decided to keep her pregnancy, endure the ridicule, hardship and give birth to me that fateful Sunday on November.

At the end my parents finally got divorced a few years after I was born, each going on to pursue what they felt was the best use of their life on this earth.

But I was given a chance to life by a determined mother, something that gives me the assurance that I am here for a particular reason.  Today, mum sees me and she is proud of me, she is eternally grateful for not disposing me in her heightened peak of pain and inconvenience.

I just want to encourage you not to make “obvious and convenient decisions in your life” to fuel short term interests. It is not whether you feel it is your right, choice, etc., but whether it is in line with the word of God. What you consider today as inconvenience may be your only breakthrough tomorrow. So live by conviction, not by convenience.

Allow God to take the wheel of your life today, despite the struggles you are going through and you will be glad you did if you look back in the future.


 From the desk of ROL

God bless you

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THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT – How I accidentally became an Enterpreneur

It was in 2006, school had reopened and students were reluctantly trickling in at the University Campus.
By divine intervention, I had barely gotten my fees. I packed the few items I had in my bag, armed with 5 liters of shito; it was time for survival again.

The money that had been raised for me was just enough to pay for my accommodation and tuition fees. I would be left with GHs 50 and there was no hope of immediate imbursement from home. This amount would have barely sustained me for two weeks, leaving me broke for the subsequent 14 weeks. The thought of hunger sent shivers up my spine. It was also not in my DNA to beg, especially for food. As I kept pondering on what to do, “I thought to myself, “every student on campus will need exercise books to take lecture notes, why don’t I buy books and sell on campus?”

So I went to the Accra central market, and found a wholesaler who gave me a sweet deal for the exercise books. I loaded the medium size “Ghana Must Go” bag and continued to take Public transport to the university campus.

On getting to campus, I found it extremely embarrassing to go to my colleagues and sell exercise books. After two days of hesitation, I mustered courage, packed some of the books in my back pack and entered the first room, after the usual pleasantries, I mentioned to the occupants that I have exercise books to sell, the first comment from one of the guys, really broke my heart, he was like” eii Roland, has it gotten to that? What kind of poverty in your family will drive you to sell books?” I almost cried. This comment got all his friends bursting into uncontrollable laughter. I just kept me calm and then asked,” So boss, how many copies of the book will you buy?” he gleefully replied, “chale give me 10 books for now. All his roommates and their female friends also bought at least 10 books each. Moving into the subsequent rooms was much easier, before I could cover half of the first floor; all my books had been bought!

I counted my revenue and realized I had made 100% profit! Wow! I immediately phoned a friend who was to arrive on campus the following day to go to my wholesaler and buy me two more books.

 The books arrived the following day, and they all got finished in 24 hours.

Just then some colleagues came to my room to enquire if I also sold pen drives, I replied, I can get you pen drives, but you have to pay 50% upfront. I received the monies, sent it to another good friend in Accra who knew where to get the best pen drives for the lowest of prizes at the Kojo Thompson road.

Two days later, I supplied the pen drives and made more than 80% margins and my prizes were still competitive.

Before I realized, I had a thriving business in my hands, dealing in stationery, computers and accessories. I also bought a number of printers and gave it to other students to run printing services. We then shared the profit .That is how I accidentally stepped into the corridors of entrepreneurship. I registered my first company, Narolak Concepts. 

I made more than enough money to sustain my education for the rest of my University years. I continued the business after school and at a point felt the need to acquire some corporate experience before going back to entrepreneurship.

So you see, there is always a way out, you have so much in you to meet your current and future needs without begging! Go out there with that little idea, you will be despised, mocked but at the end you will make it. See you t the top.
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