Jesus Christ! What Did You Say?

The experienced and well-respected fisherman was at crossroads. His family was waiting for the proceeds of his toil. The wife was ready to hit the market and sell the fishes in order to rake in some income and also replenish the very depleted stock of groceries at home. The kids with their ever-growing appetite wereContinue reading “Jesus Christ! What Did You Say?”


There were four young men in a far distant land in the province of India, who had a common ambition, to become millionaires. Clueless in what to do, they decided to seek the counsel of the most powerful Guru in their province. After several weeks of search, they finally came into contact with the Guru.Continue reading “ITS ALL IN THE MIND”

THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT – How I accidentally became an Enterpreneur

It was in 2006, school had reopened and students were reluctantly trickling in at the University Campus. By divine intervention, I had barely gotten my fees. I packed the few items I had in my bag, armed with 5 liters of shito; it was time for survival again. The money that had been raised forContinue reading “THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT – How I accidentally became an Enterpreneur”


It was one Sunday afternoon when after returning from Church, i heared Chinedu,my next door neighbor violently banging the doors to his mansion, he looked frustrated and drained after hours of this fruitless endeavor. I got curious after a while and had to sneak into Chinedu’s compound. I approached him and asked, Chinese , butContinue reading “THE KEYS & THE DOOR”


1. Nobody owes you anything in life, not even your family or spouse, hence appreciate everything anyone ever does for you. 2.You have no idea what people go through to do you a favor, so whether it meets your expectation or not, be grateful. 3. Don’t settle for less in life. You deserve what youContinue reading “MY FAVORITE PRINCIPLES IN LIFE”


You will meet such people at your workplace, who will try and malign you because of their insecurities. Their insecurities are borne out of their own incompetence. Instead of investing time to improve themselves, they will rather direct their attention to discredit you and make you look bad in front of key stakeholders.