If God takes you seriously enough to entrust you with a vision, then you must take yourself seriously” – John Edmund Hagee

 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” –Matthew 5:16 (KJV)

Many of us will become average in life , not because we don’t have what it takes to make it, but because we never took what we had serious. Many of us don’t believe in the talents and gifts we have. We have gladly surrendered “what makes us who we are” to pursuing regular jobs. No wonder we hardly find any satisfaction in the careers we are busily burning our years to pursue.

Can you imagine Lionel Messi being a regular Joe in some factory? he would have been frustrated to death – he would have been tagged as too playful who cant concentrate on his core job  but always babbling on footballing issues. Imagine Bill Gates working at  company, you bet he would never find satisfaction and never appreciate the salary he will be paid because in him is wired the ability to generate billions of dollars.


Even imagine Usain Bolt working at an Engineering firm? he would have been tagged as the most unsafe worker, always causing accidents because he is always in a hurry running all over the place, but in him is wired the ability to sprint faster than any man in his current generation.

It is sad that most of us are boxed up in frustrating jobs which we find no happiness in and yet because it pays the bills we just cant let go. The worse part is that you might even be tagged as an underperformer average, a misfit, a waste of talent and your employers are by now  may be seeking to dismiss you for “a more befitting” talent.

This has got nothing to do with whether you are good or not, but it has everything to do with doing something which is inconsistent with your inner talents and gifts.

Remember that our beloved cocoa plant cannot thrive everywhere. It requires a conducive soil and environment to grow else it will die immediately it is planted.

Some of us might also be doing just okay and may even be high performers, but deep within us we know we are not living life to the full. Can you imagine if Chinua Achebe or Ama Ata Aidoo had not taken their  gift of  writing  serious? Or Beyoncé had neglected her gift of singing? Nobody would have celebrated these personalities.

Bear in mind that it is a man’s gifts which will bring him before  Kings and princes and not necessarily his profession.

I am sure as you read this you acknowledge you are guilty of neglecting some gifts God has endowed you with, but the good news is that it is never too late to  start developing your latent gifts. With the help of the internet you can easily learn almost everything at the comfort of your home mostly for free, so if you love to sew, sing, cook, write, serve, design, etc. do something about it now.


Let me use myself as an example. back in my high school days, I discovered I had the flair for writing. Even though one of the  best  science  students in my school, I still found time to write lots of fictional stories  which my mates enjoyed very much.

Back in the University I  wrote a few books but never felt the need to publish them or even put it on the internet for others to read.

Eight years after school, I always feel something is missing in my life. I have always tried to satiate that loss with diligence in my career but this void keeps growing wider and wider by the day.  2016, being my personal year of pursuit and influence, I have determined to put my writings out there to the world and publish at least one book by September! Oh what joy and satisfaction I have found.

I now spend an average of two hours a day to write, which normally seems like 20 minutes because I really enjoy what I do.

I have no idea how far I would go with this writing, but I know it is worth it and it will usher me into possibilities I never dreamt of.


Don’t hesitate to show everyone what talent you have got. It might not sound like much to you, but remember that you don’t live for yourself, what you consider as little and insignificant can transform and bring joy into the life of somebody.

None of us has any talent which is useless, put it out there and you will be amazed at how quickly you will become a household name.

I jokingly say that a latest iPhone won’t mean anything to a 6 month toddler, but you and I know it has a lot of value. So is our talents, it might never seem like much to the one with the  talent, but if that person puts it out there……….

let your light shine

This year move out of obscurity and averageness into the limelight of influence and recognition. Endeavor to be identified with something other than your job. You will never receive the full recognition you deserve in life if you neglect your talents God has invested in you.

Anything you would have to retire from one day can never be your identity ! think about it. Put your name on something before you leave this earth.


From the desk of ROL








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