Brother Joe Hanson is a devout Christian and an accomplished prayer warrior, whose voice variations and multi tongue talking credentials is well known even by the demons in the deepest abyss of hell.

The only problem with Brother Joe is that he has been an unemployed graduate for the past three years, living on the tips and seeds he sometimes prompts other Faithfull’s to sow into his “fertile” life.

He is even eyeing Sister Tracy, the best soprano singer in the church as his future wife. But this dude is jobless and penniless. Anytime I confront brother Joe regarding getting a job, I always get the same answer” I am believing God for a job soon I know that though it tarries, the vision is for an appointed time, and in Gods time He makes all things beautiful!”

This time I decided to push further to understand what specific actions he has taken apart from praying to God for a job. I was stunned to discover that he had not applied for a single job for the past three years, only depending on his faith that whilst he is up to nothing, God is up to something for his life.

I told him he was a big joke, this got him infuriated and even asserted that I was backsliding for doubting the efficacy of a God who will supply all his needs according to the power that works in him.

Funny enough though, he was able to cool off just as I was walking away to take a “seed “from me.

I bluntly told him that this is the last seed he will receive from me if he does not get his ass out there to look for a job.

Before he pocketed the GHs 20 cedis seed I gave him I asked him to frankly answer this scenario “

“Imagine a couple believing God for a child, who have prayed and fasted for the past five years and yet they are not having a breakthrough. How will he feel as their pastor if he discovers that this couple only prayed all this while but never had sex?”

Brother Joe was quick in his “usual godly countenance style baritone voice” to dismiss such behavior of the couple as foolish, naïve, senseless and a waste of everybody’s time. How on earth were they expecting to get pregnant without any sex at all? We won’t have another virgin birth again! He loudly retorted.

At this stage brother Joe was feeling very good about himself, knowing that he had provided me with the sharpest answer to my question”


I then served him the counter attack of his lifetime and shouted back at him, Joe; you are no different from the foolish couple. How can you only pray without taking a step of faith towards what you prayed about? His jaw dropped instantly, with a mixed countenance of folly, bewilderment and angry perfectly blending together. At that instant he quickly put his hand in his pocket as if to give me back my GHs 20 but he abandoned the mission quickly sensing that it could be suicidal as he could no longer handle the pangs of hunger in his tummy. He lowered his head without saying a word and walked past me swiftly. After two minutes I turned to find him busily gulping some fingers of roasted ripe plantain and groundnuts with a pile of sachet water on his laps. I knew our friendship could be over at this stage, but I was convinced I had done the right thing to awaken my beloved brother from the slumber of poverty he was entertaining.

Four months down the line, Joe called me with such elation in his voice to break the good news that he now has a job, with one of the multinationals.

Apparently after job hunting for two months, he was lucky with his 6th attempt. He was amazed he was chosen above other competitors who had tangible work experience. The employer told him he liked him for no reason and believed Joe had a good heart. I said to Joe, “I am really excited that you finally gave chance to the prayers to work in your life!

It’s been two years now since my incident with Joe took place, and as I write this article, I am on my way to the boutique to get a fine suit to attend Joe’s wedding.

I bet Joe would still be a spiritual rat, living off other people’s seeds if he had not been awakened from his deception that prayer without any action will accomplish mighty works.

My advice to anyone reading this is that prayer is no substitute for efforts, but it only guarantees 100% returns for the one showing effort.

So anytime, you pray, give the prayer chance to work by taking a step towards what you prayed about.

After all, when Moses prayed, he still pointed the rod to the red sea for it to part.

When Jesus prayed over the five loaves and two fishes, he still ordered his disciples to start sharing it to trigger the multiplying effect.

I can go on and on, about inspiring stories of men and women of prayer who accomplished exploits when they took that step of faith.

Remember that we are partakers or partners of God’s divine nature; hence before we can trigger the divine influence in our ordinary lives, we need to actively work with God to bring it to pass.

Therefore take that step of faith today and see the prayer answering God turn your little to abundance.


God bless you.

From the desk of ROL


Image Credits: Google images



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